Fall/Winter 2017-18

“Sans peur”. Without fear. The motto of a Scottish Highlands clan is the leitmotif of this collection.

Bold trends are brandished, asserted and take their rightful place… and the women who wear these symbols show no fear. They set their own agenda.

Tartans whose vivid colours evoke the primal battle cry of northern warriors.

Indigenous peoples proudly exhibiting a strong, uncompromising identity born of an inner force and an instinct for survival.

The shock of punk fashion, rejecting mainstream; metal spikes ripping through clothes and disturbing the established order.

The purity of the straight line, the bold perfection of a square. A cruel geometry.

Wool, leather, metal and silk, noble materials that characterize the Ortega brand.

Raw cuts, a sharp diagonal. A crystal spark. An explosion of colours.

An intoxicating cocktail of emotions for the confident woman.