Spring/Summer 2018

In the heart of the desert, life and seduction by Antonio Ortega.

The warm hues of the desert dominate the spring-summer 2018 collection of the Montreal-based, Mexican-born designer.

Images of scorched and cracked earth give way to the ripples of a heavy silk, evoking in their movements the changing waves of sand dunes.

Guided by shifts in light and the slightest passing breeze, garments mutate and take on an ephemeral existence that lasts only until the next movement. The constant to and from is framed by the passage of shadows of black silk tulle that envelop and consume the warm colors of the collection.

A yellow jute, coarse and rough, juxtaposes the softness of a silk. The play of contrasts that characterizes Ortega’s work takes on its full meaning in a desert landscape; dark shadows bring freshness while a sparkling embroidery instantly reminds us of the glare of a blinding sun.

Suddenly, a burst of bright color, like a desert flower springing up after the rain. From a distance, its contours are fuzzy, like a mirage, but closer, details become more precise. The glitter quickly disappears among the beige, yellow and golden surroundings, as the desert reclaims its rights.