Fall/Winter 2018-19

From the sinuous curves and straight lines of the city comes the inspiration for Antonio Ortega’s 2018-2019 Fall-Winter Collection.

From one garment to the next, the extravagant forms of Art Nouveau give way to a futuristic urban landscape, marked with a touch of bright yellow or a rich fuchsia.

These modem silhouettes are carved in silk, tulle, or styled with several kilometers of raffia. Certain fabrics such as lurex flow like liquid metal. Even wool and cashmere, more traditional materials, play unusual roles.

Raw cement embraces the reflection of a mirror, a nod to a cityscape populated by glass and steel towers. A rigid garment, inspired by a rectilinear building, juxtaposes a curved madness, reminiscent of a work of Antoni Gaudi.

The different fabrics are superimposed to create a hybrid garment, resolutely modem and cosmopolitan. Extreme contrasts, characteristic of the Antonio Ortega’s work, are definitely back in this new collection.

In the imagination of the Mexican-Canadian designer, a city is not solely composed of architectural creations. The urban landscape, far from being cold and impersonal, is also populated by human faces and the breath of life. And in the spirit of Art Nouveau, the woman and her image are omnipresent.

In this collection, Antonio Ortega expresses his vision of Art Nouveau: a freedom and diversity he feels throughout the great eclectic and avant-garde cities of the Americas and Europe.