Spring/Summer 2015


Antonio Ortega draws his energy from the fine line between competing contemporary aesthetics. This season, tension inhabits the space between his inspirations, Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper and urban graffiti exalting female heroines. The stark contrast between the refinement of pictorial history and contemporary urban expression brings life to a collection that transforms women into dynamic, yet hazy, delicate and floating, silhouettes.

The designer assembles printed fabrics to create an impressionistic blur accentuated by body movement. The cuts emphasize, but never interfere with the blur, lending form to lengths and shapes that reveal a leg, a curve, a line, skin, sensual and captivating in their own right.

The innovative fabrics, sewn with ribbon to underline their structure, curl around and alight on the body, creating volume and graphics. Creations overlap, further accentuating the effect, glittering in stride, shimmering in gesture…

To glorify the woman’s body in such an elegant manner, Antonio Ortega plays with cotton, lurex, and high-tech materials, often waterproof, that stiffen or soften, print patterns, and maintain the liquid and silky effect of the garments. He dares to use all lengths, numerous audacities, favouring waist and necklines, relying on the sinuous line of the body to build his impressionist fashion vocabulary. Fine details complete the supple shapes and colours, handmade croquet, embroideries, laces, stitching, eyelets, fine chains…

His collection offers a bold wardrobe to women wishing to express their femininity, sensuality, and above all their freedom, far from restricting gender codes and rules. Once again, the designer succeeds in creating bright muses from a mixed and grandiose aesthetic inspiration.